Hill Crest Bullmastiffs

Hill Crest Bullmastiffs


About Us

Hill Crest Bullmastiffs is located in Southern Indiana. Our Bullmastiffs enjoy the wide open spaces, as we live on a secluded acreage farm.

We have been captivated by and owned this breed for many years. Our dogs have been shown in the past. Now we are totally devoted to the breed. We have been breeding since 1996.

Our breeding program is dedicated to the true type and sound temperament of the Bullmastiff. We also offer a 2 year health guarantee on all of our puppies. Whether it be for companionship, guard, or show, our Bullmastiffs will fit your needs. They are raised with LOTS of TLC and children. They are well socialized in their environment from a very early age. Our dogs are housed in large building designed just for them. They are fed and watered inside. They have A/C in the summer and heat in the winter. They sleep on comfy mats. It is their choice to stay in or go out and play in their large play areas. We have 4 acres fenced in for their play area.

Bullmastiffs are extremely loyal to their family and so willing to please. We believe once you have owned a Bullmastiff, no other breed can compare to these "Gentle Guardians." They are the ULTIMATE DOG!!

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